CygNet Remote Fiber Monitoring System

The Remote Fiber monitoring device (RFMS) will enable real-time fiber monitoring, fault detection and fault localization of active as well as dark-fiber links. Pro-active fiber monitoring along with simplified Network Management Systems & other tools can help customer achieve operational efficiency & excellence. OTDR Based RFMS isused for such monitoring purpose which will ensure 24X7 availability of the Fiber.

The modules that have been covered for the solution are:

  • CygNet RFMS System covers OFS, OTDR
  • CygNet FOMS System covers centralized Fault & Performance Management.

Key Benefits

  • PoP-wise Maintenance of Fiber Inventory
  • Customizing loading of Fiber Cable Inventory with GIS details
  • Availability Of MTTR computation
  • tate based duplicate event identification
  • Discovery and Management of RTU/OTDR/OFS Inventory
  • Trending the measurements in time
  • Fiber monitoring for service providers, utilities and dark fiber provider


CygNet RFMS System

Key Benefits

  • Reduce MTTR by locating faults in minutes instead of hours
  • Early detection of faults in fiber degradation by evaluating history
  • Automatic monitoring of each fiber and generation of alerts manual process of testing individual fibers can be completely eliminated.
  • Monitoring live fibers using out of band 1625nm wavelength, reduces downtime
  • Reduce operational costs

CygNet Fiber Optical Monitoring

The CygNet FOMS will allow users to view, analyze the fiber route, predict fiber cuts & degradations & take timely actions. In a way, the RFMS system will help to reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and improve overall management & maintenance of the network. CygNet FOMS supports standard & customized 3rd Party OSS Integration with

  • Fiber Inventory Tool for Fiber Inventory (using common Fiber Key Property)
  • Fault Management to provide Fault and Fault Location information
  • Trouble Ticketing
  • Other Process Integration as per customer requirement