Enterprise Network IT Infra Management

CygNet Enterprise Management System manages networks of small/medium enterprise networks and systems and large virtual private enterprise networks that are serviced over a public network. The functionality includes monitoring the customer/provider edge and customer premise equipment. The CygNet IT Systems Management component provides comprehensive fulfillment and assurance functionality for end nodes such as hosts, servers, and server clusters. In addition, mission critical applications and services running on top of this infrastructure for external as well as internal use are monitored. Examples of critical applications in a typical enterprise are

Functionality Supported

  • Mail, Print, DNS, DHCP, Web-proxy, and Time servers
  • Application servers, and Middle-ware components
  • Database management systems, and Web servers
  • Other business specific software systems

Main Features


The management functionality provided includes:

  • Creation and maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of hardware and software components
  • Monitoring of individual items for status, and QoS compliance, with meaningful multiple alert mechanisms for indicating violations and deviations from expected behaviour
  • Retrieval and storage of key performance indicators for the inventory items on a periodic basis
  • Centralized software license and patch management wherever possible
  • Centralized security management for easier administration wherever possible
  • Flexible reporting mechanisms
  • Configuration management, with rollback support where necessary, and with batch update facility to upload configuration changes to multiple hardware or software items

CygNet Enterprise Management System - Managed CPE & Network Services can be deployed at Enterprise Network Operations Center (NOC) to manage the customer/provide edges and the customer premise equipment. Enterprise services such IP Leased Line, IP/MPLS-VPN, Ethernet Virtual Private Line/Network, Clear Channel Bandwidth connections etc are provided by Network Services Providers on a Communication Service Provider’s (CSP) public network (access/core network segments) to corporate or government customers. Typically, the CSP would provide IP/Transmission end-points at the customer/provide edges and the last mile access network could consist of one or more of the media below

  • Direct Fiber Connection
  • Fiber Connection with Ethernet Switch
  • DWDM Lambda Connection
  • Straight Ethernet over SDH Connection
  • Ethernet over SDH with DWDM
  • Ethernet over SDH with Microwave
  • Satellite Connection

CygNet Enterprise Network Management system supports complete Operations Support System (OSS) functionality in this case. CygNet NOC processes are mapped to applications as per ITIL standards for Trouble Ticketing, Change Management, IT Security Management, Planned Maintenance operations and Service request management.