CygNet Service Support System

CygNet Trouble Ticketing System is an ITIL compliant Help Desk solution whereby an Alarm / failure can be tracked from initial reporting to final conclusion. It enables a process driven approach to proactive issue identification and time bound SLA driven problem resolution. It is designed to capture all updates from involved users to provide a complete log of every incident. End-users can create entirely new issues, read existing issues, add details to existing issues, or resolve an issue. Audit logs are maintained and users may have issues assigned to them, thus assigning responsibility for the proper resolution of that issue. Customizable Dashboards that provide top-level status for projects and urgent issues are promintly displayed so as to capture users’ attention.

Key Modules

CygNET TTS Features


  • Extensive configurability
  • Built in Known Error Database.
  • Retrieve and store key performance indicators.
  • Web-services based integration for trouble ticket creation.
  • Dashboards that provide top-level status for projects.
  • Customizable ticket screen layout.
  • Configurable ticket workflows (Observer).
  • Rule-based SLA engine with configurable rules.
  • Web-services based integration for trouble ticket creation.

Feature Summary of CMDB:

  • Results of all configuration actions are recorded against the inventory.
  • Post configuration :the changes in configuration are recorded.
  • Changes in network/device inventory are re-synchronized.
  • Tickets are created in response to configuration changes.
  • Reports module displays graphical views for rack/shelf/slot information for the devices, network topology and GeoMap view.
  • Configuration Items (CI) relationships are viewable in pictorial format.
  • It is an ITIL version 3 compliant solution.
  • It processes across all the inventory in the network.