CygNet Service Assurance

The CygNet Service Assurance Platform provides comprehensive Fault Management and Performance Management capability, playing a key role in ensuring efficient operations. The Fault Management system proactively detects potential outages, allowing CSPs to take preventive measures and minimize service impact. One key component in this is the topology-aware root cause analysis module, which in tandem with Service Impact Analysis, rapidly identifies services that could be affected. The Performance Management System, along with the Service Quality Management System provide an efficient framework for effective service quality management and improved customer experience. While key network metrics are monitored to ensure high levels of performance, metrics are correlated with service and customer related information, allowing CSPs to focus on customer experience and deliver quality service to the end user.

  • Detects and reports fault in a timely manner
  • Enables timely corrective action
  • The SLA Reports module allow CSPs to view how well the SLA policies are being met.


Fault Management System

CygNet integrated Fault Management System (CygNet FMS) is a highly performant module in the CygNet Service Assurance suite of products. Supporting multi vendor multi technology networks, CygNet FMS uses the flexible data retrieval services offered by the mediation layer, as well as through notifications. It facilitates continuous monitoring of devices (network element, card, slot, port/interface), links (physical and logical), services and protocols in the network for fault conditions. CygNet FMS generates Alarms in response to such fault conditions and sends multi-modal notifications to the concerned personnel.

  • Customized alarm windows view for traffic alarm for Service Monitoring
  • Association of network events and the asset/inventory management system in real-time.
  • Visual representation of events having correlated events

Root Cause Analysis

Solution Highlights

  • Event Suppression and Duplicate Event Identification
  • Continuous RCA/SIA computation based on the incoming faults
  • Highly dynamic since continuous Alarms results in Network and circuit modification
  • Slot/Sub Slot Down to Link down to all child PTS’s
  • Link Down propagation
    • to far end interface
    • CTP and to Service Circuit running over CTP
    • Link Aggregation
  • Backbone Link Down propagation to Device non-reachability
  • MP-BGP Down propagation to Device Un-reachability
  • Alarm to Impacted customer correlation

Performance Management System

Network services are on the rise and different customer profiles have different performance requirements. Thus the Performance Management module in an NMS needs to collect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from resources and services. The CygNet Performance Management System (PMS) is a versatile performance monitoring system capable of working in multivendor configuration, and is a key component of the CygNet Service Assurance suite. The main component services are the Polling Service, Compute Service and Storage. Collection of KPIs from the different touchpoints is done intelligently by the Polling Service so that the data collection process does not create a bandwidth overhead. The Compute Service performs statistical analysis of the raw data.

  • Honouring Customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is a key requirement of concern to Communication Service Providers
  • The SLA Reports module allow CSPs to view how well the SLA policies are being met.
  • SLA violations are highlighted prominently, so that the issue can be promptly resolved.