Product Catalog Management

CygNet Product Catalog Management allows the Telecom Product Development user to design and manage a product and its corresponding charges. Product will have a Product Category to classify the product based on its behaviour whether it is a base product, add on, standalone and so on; and a Product Type that provides a hierarchical structure for classification.

CygNet PCM follows attribute based pricing where charges are associated to fix attributes-typically capacity, and variations are applied to these base charges depending on the variance attributes. Attribute based pricing configurations allows the system to seamlessly synchronise capacity extension plan with already existing product plan.

CygNet PCM allows the user to combine multiple products to create a product bundles and associate rules and phases to it. Bundle Rules defines billing rules such as change policy, termination policy and alignment policies which are applicable to the bundle. Bundle Phases determines the phases that are applicable to the bundle such as discount phase and trial phase.

Value Proposition:

  • Attribute Based Pricing
  • Price Revision Capability
  • Bundle Management
  • Bundle Phase and Rules Management
  • Product Performance Reports
  • Standard – TM Forum Information Framework