Order Management System

The CygNet Order Management System (OMS) coordinates the order fulfilment functions required to complete a customer order. It occupies a central place in the technical order management process and orchestration of the order processing.The system can capture direct orders or orders from ERP/CRM systems via web based interfaces. Customer orders coming from the Product Catalog of ERP/CRM systems are converted to Service orders. Customer Details and Product details are synchronized with OMS from ERP/CRM as and when orders are submitted.

The steps performed by the system include

  • Order validation
  • Feasibility check
  • Allocation/Activation
  • Ready for service

Key Benefits

  • Validates the order data and responds with the appropriate message
  • Supports automatic and assisted circuit design for service order
  • Assigning user command-set for executing on devices.
  • Satisfying the feasibility / order requests.
  • Supports automatic and assisted circuit design
  • Reserving resources, generating command-set