CygNet Customer Portal

Customer centricity is emerging as the key success factor to a Communication Service Providers’ (CSP) business, and businesses increasingly focus strongly on this aspect by understanding customer behaviour and perception. CygNet Customer Portal is an important component designed to help CSPs track the quality of service their end-customers receive. The portal enables CSPs to enhance customer experience and better address customer needs.
The CygNet Customer Portal is a multitenanted application, that allows each customer of a CSP (wholesale or retail) to have access of their own service details, while ensuring that details of other customers are protected. It is a powerful feature that allows CSPs to empower their customers with access to view important service metrics, and facility to track service quality.
The CSP would create access credentials for their end-customers on the CygNet Customer portal. On login, customer will be able to see the current status of the services/circuits associated with the given customer code, as well as topology, fault and performance parameters. Order, provisioning and billing details, would also be displayed when applicable.

  • CygNet Customer Portal

    • The services available to the end-customer include
    • Raising a trouble ticket in case of any problem
    • Viewing and updating existing tickets
    • Graphical real time view, as well as historical report of service availablity.
    • Bandwidth utilization.
    • Ticket detail history.

    This report allows the customer to view the time at which the ticket was raised, time of clearing, as well as all the updates related to problem ticket.

    TT Dashboard

  • Dashboard

    Service Up/Down Status