The CygNet Inventory management solution has been designed and architected to address all the key challenges faced by CSPs. The focus is on capturing minute detail about equipment during the discovery process and on maximizing automation in the process of retrieving and updating inventory. Autodiscovery, periodic rediscovery and “delta” auto-updates are important features that enable this automation and minimize manual intervention. The platform includes several algorithms that perform correlation over the discovered physical entities across domains, and automatically discover derived entities such as topology, circuits and services.

Key Features

  • TMF standards based inventory modelling
  • Dynamic, federated, real time inventory
  • Physical, logical and service inventory
  • REST-based APIs to get inventory information from 3rd party systems
  • Automatic scheduled rediscovery, with configurable discovery profiles
  • Automatic Reconciliation of inventory data for optimal resource utilization


CygNet Auto Discovery

  • Robust and efficient auto-discovery of network elements
  • Auto- discovery of topology, circuit and service.
  • Inventory correlation across network domains and layers
  • Cross layer stitching to enable end-to-end visibility of services
  • Flexible, configurable rediscovery for up-to-date and accurate inventory data
  • Reconciliation of inventory data in alignment with changes on the ground
  • Automated scheduling of discovery profiles that run independently without any user intervention

CygNet Active Federated Inventory

Federated inventory providing a seamless unified view of the network, while abstracting away unnecessary information. The problem of disparate systems with diverse modelling, and the consequent problem of inventory fragmentation is eliminated by defining an import and mapping process and standard TMF based data modelling. Thus legacy equipment, as well as multi-vendor, multi-technology networks are integrated and modelled in a standard way. The inventory data is federated across multiple technologies, vendors and across physical and virtual software overlays at the Control Plane.

CygNet Line Plant System(CygNet LPS)

CygNet LPS is an integrated web based Outside Plants(OSP) solution for the communications equipment located between the telephone exchange and a user end instrument. Maintain resources for both copper and fiber services of Fixed line, Internet, Leased line services and providing a uniquely powerful way to improve capital and operational efficiency. Achieves efficient inventory maintenance of all plant items and associated terminals, cables, connections, route, services, supporting structures required to link serving facilities to outlying locations and enable voice, data, video, and other low-voltage systems.