End-to-end automation of processes

Sweeping changes in the networks of Communication Service Providers (CSP) are on the anvil and “Automation” and “Digitization” of IT processes are seen as the key initiatives to enable the CSP make the transition to the next level. The CygNet smart Fulfillment and Assurance solutions are well positioned to meet this challenge in terms of the levels of automation already in place. The CygNet suite of BSS and OSS products have a high degree of convergence and the IT operations of the CSP can be implemented as closed loop end-to-end OSS/BSS processes, reducing latency in service delivery significantly.

Network Planning automation

Network Planning automation implements end-to-end automation of the planning process, starting from procurement of order from the ERP system, to the ultimate commissioning of the equipment in the network, based on available capacity in the network, customer demand, and health and performance data of equipment

Automatic Real time Discovery and Reconciliation

The Autodiscovery and Recon services that form the base of the CygNet Service Management platform use a technology-driven approach combined with high-performance software architecture. This enable the computing intensive Discovery and Recon processes to run in near real time, ensuring impeccable quality and integrity of the inventory data.

Service Orchestration

The CygNet Service Orchestrator provides a framework to co-ordinate and automate steps involved in designing, provisioning and activating convergent services from end-to-end in a cross domain environment. The orchestration is performed across L1/L2/L3, regardless of technology and vendor specifics, across the access, aggregation and core layers of the network. The Service Orchestrator interfaces with Domain Controllers, enabling fast deployment and provisioning of services.

Smart Fault Management

The Service Assurance process is augmented by the Root Cause Analysis aand Service Impact Analysis modules which are in turn integrated with the Service Quality Management system, thus ensuring super-speedy fault isolation, resolution and customer service restoration.