Cross Domain Transport Network OSS

A typical CSP network includes network equipment spanning multiple technologies such as SDH, DWDM, MPLS, and a wide range of access and aggregation equipment. A unique feature of the CygNet suite of solutions is the ability to automatically stitch and correlate interdomain information, in such a multi-vendor, multi-technology, cross domain environment across Layer1 / Layer 2 /Layer 3. This provides users with end-to-end visibility of services across domains at an individual circuit level, as well as at an aggregated level via the GUI and reports. This feature is a key enabler for rapid and accurate Service Provisioning and Activation, and minimizes fall-through of Service orders since CSPs are in possession of data that is critical to the creation of services in an optimal manner. The System provides mechanism to access CygNet inter domain system for all inter domain users.

    • Integrated Network Management Solution
    • Data from SDH/DWDM (CygNet-OTNMS), ISP-MPLS (CygNet-NG), will be fetched.
    • It can be co-related to find the end to end view of services.
    • Inter Domain information can be presented in both tabular and graphical form.
    • Co-relation using standard link nomenclature followed across all domains in Network.
    • Offline CSV sheet import containing inter domain links.
    • GUI to manage (add, modify and delete) inter domain links.
    • Deduced automatically by autodiscovery and correlation across domains
    • Uploaded offline from from CSV containing cross domain link information per the specified format
    • Intuitive GUI to manage (Add, Modify and Delete) inter domain links
    • Seamless technology agnostic view to end-users
    • Integrity of the information maintained by cross checking with VLAN / KLM inventory configured on either side of the links
    • Circuit reconciliation status reports on each domain