Transport Network Plan Automation

The smart Plan Automation tool achieves automation of the end-to-end process from Planning to deployment, based upon the real time, dynamic status of the network, rather than static information. Due to continuous requirement for bandwidth from internal and external customers of Telcos IP & Transmission Networks, the network undergoes continuous changes and expansion. There are no central tools or systems to track these changes in the ecosystem. Planning team creates plans for expansion and network changes and issues them to the concerned teams (Deployment, Operation and Maintenance, and NOC) for implementation and execution offline. The CygNet Network Planning tool can be used by the Planning team for creating and tracking the plans.

Planning tool is integrated with the following

  • Service Activation System- To Handle Constraints
  • Discovery Inventory System
  • IAMS- To Provide Nodes Management & Interface IPs
  • VIMS- To Provide VLAN Pools for L2 POI Links
  • ERP Tool – To invoke tasks for Material movement
    • Discovery driven inventory to assist plan creation
    • Automated plan generation and export feature
    • Work flow management across technology domains and different organizational groups
    • Resource allocation and reservation
    • Automatic IP Assignment through IP Address Management tool
    • System Assisted Plan capture roadmap for Network Planning
    • Constraints from Service Fulfillment system incorporated into plan
    • Automation of Network Plan process
    • E2E Workflow Integration from Plan Creation to Plan Deployment
    • Automated Plan Document Generation
    • Proactive planning towards capacity augmentation
    • Higher productivity, reliability and availability
    • Reduction of operating costs and good return on investment