CygNet Unified Network Management System

An important aspect of the CygNet OSS solution suite is the capability for managing a multitude of technologies in a large network seamlessly. For example, networks with Network Elements (NEs) like DWDM, IP/MPS (Routers/Switches) & GPON can be managed in a unified manner, without the need to switch . It is built on CygNet Service Management Platform (SMP) consisting of Discovery/Network Inventory, and the OSS functionality such as Fault Management (FMS), Root Cause Analysis/Service Impact Analysis (RCA/SIA), Performance Management (PMS), Configuration Management, Service Provisioning & Activation (SPAS) are overlays on SMP. The SMP provides realtime visibility to network resources, thus enabling speedy service creation, delivery and assurance. Technical Order Orchestration System (TOMS/OOS), Trouble Ticketing, SLA Management and Reports/Dashboard for Transmission (SDH, DWDM) & IP/MPLS network are also provided in a tecnology agnostic manner, hiding complexities of the integration of disparate elements from end-users.

    • Management is via the NEs directly, or by interfacing with vendor EMS in a standard way. The network devices are integrated through the respective domain managers through Mediation Layer. Every subsystem has its own protocol layer that interfaces with the OEM’s native EMS through NE specific adapters for Inventory, Fault, Configuration, and Performance Data (FCPS).
      Custom adapters can be plugged into the mediation layer, so that proprietary data formats are transformed to a standard TMF 814-based interface towards the CygNet OSS. Network elements are modelled uniformly as per TMF/ITU-T standards for monitoring and managing.

    • In addition to NMS for monitoring and managing network devices across locations, an Enterprise Management System with following key components shall be provided as an integrated solution with EMS to provide the Service Assurance functions in the NOC,

      • Support capability for centralized monitoring and configuration of DWDM based Optical and IP/MPLS network through NOC
      • Supports SNMPv1, v2 & v3 for integration with device/EMS NBI
      • Supports CORBA, Web Services/SOAP, XML, CLI, CSV, Flat File (ASCII), FTP, Telnet, VML, WebRM, Custom for integration with device/EMS NBI
      • Allows the user to zoom down to the port level of any given card /equipment.
      • Centralized monitoring solution for all Network, IT infra & Servers.
      • Provides Fault, Configuration & Performance management of the datacentre infrastructure and Network
      • Monitors IP-SNMP enabled devices such as Routers, Switches, Cameras, Online UPS, etc.
      • Integration with SLA & Contract Management system to supply KPI metrics like availability, utilisation in order to measure central SLA’s and calculate penalties.
      • Help measuring SLA's as well as assist administrators to monitor network faults & performance degradations in order to reduce downtimes, increase availability and take proactive action to remediate & restore network services.