BB Integrated NMS with HelpDesk

The subscriber base for Internet services is on an exponential growth path, with user expectation of access speeds and triple services scaling new heights. Access networks span a wide range of wired and wireless technologies. Fixed broadband access wired technologies include copper-based access networks, FTTx, GPON and such fibre based, high speed access technologies and wireless access via WiFi hotspots. The CygNet BBNMS provides a comprehensive Service Fulfillment and Assurance solution across the access, aggregation and core layers in the network. Network equipment at the access layer such as DSLAM, OLT, GPON are managed by the OSS, and customer service is monitored, so that impending faults are detected and service restored rapidly. Management of the Border network gateway gives the CSP clear visibility of the level of service customers receive in the network. Build up of authentication queues, or an excessively large number of sessions indicates problems that can be pro-actively resolved.

  • The CygNet BBNMS solution provides a complete view of the health of the entire Broadband network and consolidates all fault information various network elements of Broadband services providing operators with actionable data. The performance Management service monitors critical parameters and performance related threshold Alarms are raised so that proactive measures can be taken in response to performance issues. Performance reports and dashboards clearly indicate problems and issues.

    End-to-end OSS/BSS capability including AutoDiscovery/Inventory, Fault Management and Performance Management are available. Integration with the Trouble Ticket results in speedy resolution of field issues, since a query returns the Location, Details of Responsible Work Force and Graphical view of the failure. A rich set of graphical reports provide actionable insight into field issues. A mobile app client makes for convenient tracking by operations personnel.

    • Automation
    • Centralized NMS & Unified UIs
    • User Partitioned Views for NOC/Circle/SSA
    • Proactive Monitoring (Threshold & Escalations)
    • Improved Operational Efficiency with integrated workflow and tracking systems
    • Value Added Reporting & Analysis
    • Mobile Application for Management Information System
    • Secured NOC