Inventory Reconciliation with Third Party IMS(Tx/IP)

Integration with third-party software and systems is a frequently encountered requirement in a typical OSS. The CygNet suite of products supports a variety of open interfaces and this enables smooth integration with external systems.

The Reconciliation module of CygNet reconciles the discovered attributes of both physical and logical network resources. Data integrity management is taken to the next level by identifying the discrepancies and reconciling those inconsistencies between the discovered network and 3rd party Inventory Management System (IMS) such as Cramer / M6 and IMS. Reconciliation may be performed in automated or assisted modes based flexible, customizable business rules. Smart auto-recon automatically synchronizes the active network inventory with that stored in the database of Cramer IMS. In the case of assisted reconciliation, the identified discrepancies are classified into three different categories as mentioned below:

  • Missing in Network / Available in IMS – will be highlighted in Green colour text.
  • Missing in Inventory / Available in Network – will be highlighted in Blue colour text.
  • Attribute Changes – will be highlighted in Red colour text.
    • Physical Inventory
      • Network Elements
      • Hardware Inventory (Card and SFPs)
      • Physical Ports
      • Topological Links
    • Logical Inventory
      • Circuits/Services
        • Bandwidth
        • Routing Protocol
        • VLAN
        • Status
    • Unified Inventory Management System across multiple vendor and multiple technology
    • Reliance, Accurate and Near Real Time Inventory
    • Automatic Discovery (Physical and Logical) of the Network across multiple vendors.
    • Automatic Reconciliation and Sync of the Inventory Management System with real network
    • Circuit Discovery - End to End Circuit View of Multiple Vendors
    • Topology Discovery – Physical Topology in Map View
    • Ring Discovery – User Assisted Ring Discovery
    • Inventory Feed to Assurance and Fulfillment System
    • Identification of Hanging Circuits
    • Consolidated Reports across multiple vendors
    • Scalability with respect to Network size and Vendors
    • Automation of Processes