Optical Transport Inventory Integration with HP FM

Up-to-date and accurate inventory data is an acknowledged pain-point for many CSPs. The powerful autodiscovery engine that ensures extremely high levels of inventory data integrity is at the heart of the CygNet Service Management Platform. The high-performance, highly scalable fault tolerant architecture is the key enabler of the compute-intensive Autodiscovery process of large cross domain networks.

Often CSPs have already deployed OSS solutions and would like to augment the OSS capability with AutoDisovery. The CygNet Service Management platform exposes standard APIs for integration with third party systems, such as HP Fault Management System (HP-FMS). The CygNet Autodiscovery engine seamlessly integrates with the HP Fault Management system, thus offering the CSP superior Service Assurance capability based on the true network status at any point of time. The integration is possible via a REST-based API and details of the network, down to a minute level, inlcuding Network Elements, Ports, Cards, Links, and Circuits of various technologies along with their respective attributes are transferred to the FMS. Freshness of Inventory data is ensured by repeating the process periodically.