Optical Transport RCA/SIA Integration with Netcool TX

The CygNet suite of OSS products is built as services that expose standard APIs, thus facilitating integration with third party systems and augmenting vanilla OSS capabilities with next-gen capabilities. Unique value propositions emerge by creative application of such integrations. In the current customer centric CSP environment, before starting any planned event (e.g. ring split, ring upgrades, etc.) in the field, CSPs would have a huge advantage if they knew the services that would get impacted as a consequence of the event. The intelligent “What-if analysis” capability of the Service Assurance component enables CSPs to simulate a planned event taking relevant parameters from third party systems (such as name, other failures, location etc.) into consideration. The result of this analysis is a Go/No-Go response, at an individual ring level, serving as a value Decision Support system as to whether that particular planned event can be executed on that ring.

  • In one of the Service Provider deployments, NMSWorks had deployed our Discovery/ Inventory and Service Assurance modules; where below functionalities are covered:

    • Periodic discovery to keep CygNet database updated with the Network changes
    • Fault Management (Receiving and showing Real time alarms from network)
    • Various Live Inventory and Service Assurance views
    • Performing Root Cause Analysis and Service Impact Analysis
  • The CygNet System will provide below response:

    • Go-ahead status for each Ring whose names are supplied
    • Other failure in that ring
    • Graphical Image of the Topology along with the highlighted links that have already failed

    Additional benefits

    • Autodiscovery and periodic rediscovery to keep inventory database in sync with the network changes.
    • Realtime, interactive Fault Management dashboards.
    • Root Cause Analysis and Service Impact Analysis.
    • Various Live Inventory and Service Assurance views.
    • Lightweight REST APIs for seamless integration.